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All human beings have dreams and wishes. We all want something to happen in the future. These days, many of us turn back to look at the year that ends and forward into the year that is about to begin, and ask ourselves what it is that we did wrong and what to do better. Many propose solutions and tips and still others promise methods and strategies to stick to our plans… Unfortunately, most of those are not solidly based on anything but hope… hope that you stick to their proposals, hope that you don’t give up or forget, hope that you listen to them now… even if for a short while. Real change only happens when properly undertaken. Real change is the result of planning and execution, not the product of wishful thinking. If you really want your wishes and dreams to turn into goals and methods, please, continue reading below…

Key differences between wishes and dreams and goals and objectives:

  • Wishes and dreams are ideas while goals and objectives are plans
  • Goals and objectives contemplate and consider what resources are available and which ones are necessary… Wishes and dreams don’t even think about that!
  • Goals and objectives are set in definite terms which include deadlines and measures of success… Wishes and dreams are vague and undefined.
  • Goals and objectives identify existing and probable obstacles and look for the best use of combined resources to overcome them… Wishes and dreams don’t even stop to think!
  • Bigger objectives include smaller, easier-to-reach goals and how they should be reached in an organized, logical way. Wishes and dreams are still undefined.
  • Goals and objectives establish the real steps to take, after studying everything above. Are you still wishing or dreaming?

Like everything else in life, identifying, setting and reaching goals and objectives is not something we know how to do through inspiration. We try to learn by imitating others but sometimes fail because there’s no method in our endeavors. Resolutions lack the basic structure to become attainable. In order to be successful, certain methodologies should be applied. This is true of personal as well as professional goals and objectives. The same rules apply. Learn about them now. Stop just wishing and dreaming, and choose to take control of your desires by giving yourself the tools that you need to master this art. It really is something to be LEARNED!

Don’t just wish or dream. Give yourself the chance to finally, truly enjoy life, ALL of it,

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