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Follow Your Dreams – Don’t Delay

Most of us have had dreams for our future, dreams are what gives life-blood to our desires; but how many or us let them dwindle away without fulfilling them?

You may be saying- I’m too busy right now, or I’m to young, too old or too tired, or every other excuse you can think of. You may be feeling too tired or despondent because your life has become dull. It’s time to change. Usually we only change direction when something causes us to re-evaluate our lives.

Why are most of us such self-doubters, disbelieving our abilities or doubting our courage.

Hold on to those dreams, don’t let them escape, they can fill your days with delight, strengthen your resolve and develop you as a person. They can force you to learn new things and stretch you to limits you didn’t know existed.

They will give you frustrating moments, as you strive to accomplish your goals, but also untold satisfaction if you just step out of your comfort zone and experience true living. Don’t accept second best just because its easy, strive for what you believe in. Be passionate about your aims. Just do it!

You might be in a boring job, or wishing you could change your career, wishing you could travel the world, or learn to play music or paint. Whatever your dream find a way to pursue it, incorporate it into your life, see what is possible and make plans to include it.

Anthony Robbins suggests the reason people are depressed is because their dream lifestyle, or life plan and reality are poles apart. Try and bring yours closer for a happier future, Maybe you have to re-consider your lifestyle, is it really what you want how can you improve it.

People who live their dreams and fill their days with work they enjoy, don’t consider it work, think of actors, sports people, artists, and many others. Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams. Freedom to follow your own path is a desire that many would like to tread. Freedom to make decisions and follow them through.

What would you like to do that you are not doing, search your soul for your true delight. Would you travel, change your career, look for a new job, take up a new sport or hobby. Spice up your life.

Maybe you need extra cash to take the plunge or maybe it is a desire to set up a business or invent something. If you make a plan it may be possible to incorporate it into your life without hurting your loved ones. Talk it through and see what is possible, you may find much of your dream is can be achieved.

Make this an exciting year!

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